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Hello everyone! Welcome to the 3rd wacKOS’ blog update of semester 2, 2007-2008!

After about a week of having the audition, looking for some ‘stars’, we finally found actors and coral speakers that we were looking for. Well. Gradually to be exact. Anyway, the first practice for the play was held on the same day as we sent news to those whom got selected; it was only a line reading and a short briefing from the manager of Resource and Development.

Within the same week (if i am not mistaken), the Marketing and Promotion’s people were moving forward (again) for our next activity which was: 


Theme: Science at its Wackiest! (o_0)

Prize: RM 500 up for grabs and the photographs (3 places) will be put up on the wall of RC!


=The Main Poster=


=The Commercial Poster=


The turn ups was a little bit slow. It was ‘a little bit slow’ as in that the Marketing and Promotion people had to opt for the Plan B which include moving our booth from the lobby to the unoccupied receptionist desk in RC which is located in front of the front door. The booth was MASSIVE! We include sample pictures as well, since many students weren’t clear of the theme. As usual, we also made some poster boards and again, we didnt take any pictures of them. Sorry!

I am glad to say that our Plan B kinda worked! (YAY!!!). We mainly received entries almost at the end of the competition; the last entry we received was about 3 minutes before the closing date. Seriously. It was funny! LOL! The slow turn up was mainly due to our so-called impossible theme. Well. At least, that was what being said by most students whenever we tried to encourage them to participate. (Boo-hoo!) The other reason was that, most students are mainly pretty much busy because the mid-term examination was just around the corner when the competition was held. (Bummer!) So we ended up extending the competition to about 5 days or so.

Here are the winners:

 =The First Winner by Onrampa=

-Robot Visits KLCC-

=The Second Winner, by AfiQ=

-I Wanna Win-

 =The Third Winner, by Arshana=

-Rubber Duckies-

The photographs are nice, don’t you think???

Anyway, throughout this competition, the play’s rehearsals were going on. A lot of work had been put in the play’s production. Want to know more about the play and see the outcome??? As usual, stay tune for our next update!

Till then, ciao!






Hey ya’ll! What’s cooking ya’ll?? Ok. That came out as lame as a tissue box. Whatever that means. LOL!

Anyway. Welcome to the second part of wacKOS blog update for semester 2, 2007/2008!!! Well, we’ve seen the progresses and let us move on to the activities!!! Yipee-yay-yay! =D

The first activity we had was…drum roll please…… AUDITION FOR WACKOS PLAY!!!!! It was the FIRST audition ever held in Kulliyyah of Science! So, wacKOS really IS bringing all of you something different ain’t it? 

The Human Resource bureu was given the full responsibility in organizing the audition as well as the play. The Secretary General was also involved in the casting. As usual, the Promotion and Marketing bureu had to stick their nosses and begin the promotion while threatning the students to get involve. YES! We, the Marketing and Promotion people actually stick knives and forks to students’ throats to ensure that they will get themselves involve in our activity. (seriously. you ACTUALLY believe that???? HAHA! Just kidding folks! :P) WacKOS is full of nice people! Hmmm…whatever that means. LOL! Let’s get back to bussiness shall we? Hehehehe V(^_^) Our Project Manager also got herself busy in writting the script and BELIEVE ME, she could NOT stop writting! The script was getting more and more thicker by each day! (literally speaking). God…talking about the minds of creative people! NGAHAHAHAH!

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After a VERY LONG time!!! Phew!!!

Salam everyone!

Yeah, we are VERY much aware of the fact that this blog hasn’t been updated for…err…when was the last time it was ACTUALLY updated??? Heh. Well. The blog generally hasn’t been updated for the WHOLE semester! Why? Can’t really say; I’m not even sure myself. Boo-hoo!!! Well, it is actually sad that this ever happens (and we are very sorry for the inconvenience) because the last semester was a BLAST! With all the winning money (in case if u forget: RM6000!!!! Yee-haw!!!) and all the events we’ve done; it was a very GREAT semester indeed! Since there was so much going on during the previous semester, i am going to update this blog piece by piece.

So, since wacKOS is a student project that mainly focuses on the development of the Resource Centre of Kulliyah of Science, let us see the progress that we had come up with for the last 3 months, shall we? And let me tell you this: the progress was SUPERB! Here are some pictures for all of you:

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Sign up for Bayer Young Environmental Envoys 2008!


Hello everyone! It seems like this website is on hiatus for far too long now, I ‘m putting this up. It’s the new round for BYEE competition! Click on the picture to find out more.

In a way, it was this that kicked start our WacKOS team.


Maxis Cyberlinq 2007 Prize Giving Ceremony Dinner

For the rest of the unfortunate people who couldn’t go to the Maxis Cyberlinq 2007 presentation, dinner and award presentation (including myself), here’s a picture entry to summarize the event:

Matiin and Kye braving the jam to head to the dinner and award presentation

Nirwana Hall, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Some cultural performance on stage

Is that stress we see?

Haris the nervous-wreck

Even Sofie looks nervous while Yati looks composed

The winners of all the categories on stage

Here’s another one

And another

A close-up on team WacKOS


The rest of the team who weren’t on the stage

The WacKOS team with the Maxis CEO

The glorious poster. I like how the colour turned out all pretty and nice.

Yati and Kye with the showcase

Haris and Matiin with the showcase

Matiin with the showcase

Kye looking all serious explaining something to some guy

Team WacKOS!

Now, don’t you all regret you couldn’t be part of all that excitement? :p

Turning Dream into Reality

Just a quick update. As all of you might know by now, WacKOS was chosen as the top winner for the Maxis Cyberlinq 2007 contest and we’re now 6k richer. Wohoo!

That IKEA couch may not be just a wish anymore. Looks like we’re one step closer in making our dream into reality.

Congratulations to all of you! And thank you. You guys did a great job.

We’re In!

After waiting for 2 days, we finally got the results. We’re in people! We’re selected as the top 5 finalists for the Maxis Cyberlinq 2007.

Details about the presentation is not available right now, but we’re hoping to get it ASAP. Congratulations WacKOS!